Zoning and Permitting

Zoning and Permitting

Tim Schofield Quoted In Mass Lawyers Weekly

Tim Schofield provided some insight in this Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly article concerning an interesting new zoning case. Rooster Ban Challenged in Essex Superior CourtBy: Pat Murphy January 13, 2022 “…Boston litigator Timothy N. Schofield says municipal regulation of agribusiness has become a “hot topic” for the real estate bar, coinciding with rising consumer demand for […]

New Medical Marijuana Law Leads to a Struggle to Comply With Existing Ones

While Massachusetts voters recently legalized medical marijuana, the debate is far from over.  Towns and landlords are left struggling to protect themselves while also complying with existing laws. Several Massachusetts towns and cities have discussed banning dispensaries altogether through the use of zoning bylaws and ordinances.  Others want to move them to adult or medical-zoned […]

Using Comparable Condo Units to Challenge Your Property Tax Assessment

If you are a condo owner, you may have discovered that the assessed value of your property differs from the assessed value or sale price of similar units in your condo development.  As a result, you may have come to the conclusion that your unit has been overvalued and requested an abatement from your assessors.  […]