Commercial Litigation

Commercial Litigation

Case Dismissed

SLG Wins Special Motion to Dismiss and Recovers FeesIn a case concerning the purchase and development of real estate, Schofield Law Group successfully obtained dismissal of all claims asserted against our client and dissolution of a lis pendens recorded against the property. Based on the arguments asserted by SLG, the Middlesex Superior Court ruled that the […]

SLG Obtains Dismissal of Third Party Complaint

In a case in Essex County Superior Court concerning payments allegedly due to a nursing home, Schofield Law Group successfully argued that the Third Party Complaint filed against our client should be dismissed because the plaintiff lacked standing to assert claims on behalf of the estate of the deceased.

SLG Wins Motion to Dismiss

In a case concerning the dissolution of a business partnership, Schofield Law Group successfully obtained dismissal of all claims asserted against our client, who held a minority stake in the limited liability company in question. Based upon the substantive and procedural arguments asserted by SLG, Judge James Lang of the Essex County Superior Court dismissed […]

Five Mass. Corporations Become B-Corps

Over the last few months, we have told you about the emerging concept of the B-Corp, which has since become an option for Massachusetts companies.  Since its introduction to the state, five companies have elected to be designated as B-Corps, in order to pursue a wide variety of business objectives.  These companies include Dancing Deer Baking Co. […]

Massachusetts Becomes the 10th State to Allow Benefit Corporations

In October, we spotlighted a new type of corporation: the B Corp.   This month, Mass. became the 10th state to allow this corporate structure, which allows companies to look beyond profit to take into account social and environmental needs and attract investors who share these concerns. Read more: Mass. Allows Companies to File as Benefit Corporations

The B Corp: An Emerging Concept

A new type of corporation has arisen in the form of the B Corp.  The term can be used to refer to either Benefit Corporations, which are recognized under the benefit corporations laws of an increasing number of individual states, or Certified B Corps, which are certified by the 501(c)3 nonprofit B Lab.  What all B Corps […]